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Cleaning Your Bathroom Using Bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar

Cleaning can become a daily grind to keep your home fresh and clean, I don’t know about you but I hate cleaning my bathrooms, they are such a tricky room in the home to keep completely clean, that was until I made my own cleaning paste using only Bicarbonate of Soda (AKA Baking Soda) and vinegar. This stuff is amazing; cheap to make, safe for children and pets, it does not include harsh chemicals and best of all it really does work!

There are lot’s of different ways that this versatile little concoction can be used but here I share my favourite tips that I know work well.

The Mix Up

So to begin we need to mix up our paste, for this you can either use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Combined with the Bicarbonate of Soda the vinegar creates a chemical reaction to make a great little cleaning product that will give you just as good results as many of the commercial sprays on the market.

To mix up your paste, take a small plastic bowl, add three tablespoons of Bicarbonate of Soda and add a splash on vinegar, mixing well as you go. You will need to end up with a paste consistency so add more vinegar or Bicarb as required, give it a good stir and you are ready to start cleaning.

#1 – My first tip is to use your paste to clean your toilet bowl, it will remove all limescale and discolouration from the ceramic pan leaving it sparkly and clean. Begin by pouring some of the paste around the toilet bowl and rim, take a clean toilet brush and begin to work the paste in, paying particular attention to heavily stained areas. Leave the mixture on for around 10 minutes and then flush the toilet, finishing off by using the brush to make sure any residue is removed. Voila, remember to wear your sunglasses as your toilet bowl will be gleaming!

#2  – The next tip is to use your paste to clean your shower screen, soap scum and mineral build up can leave glass looking cloudy and feeling gritty, not a nice environment to have a relaxing shower. To bring it back to it’s best simply use a clean sponge and rub the paste into the glass of the shower screen  / shower door until you have covered the whole area. Leave to allow the mixture to work for 10 minutes and clean off the paste using a clean damp cloth. Once all the mixture is removed fully rinse the cloth and wipe over one more time, finishing off by buffing up the glass with some old newspaper (recommended) or a tea-towel. Perfect results every time.

#3 – My last favourite idea is to use the paste on your bathroom tile grout, this is really easy to do. Simply spread the paste into the discoloured grout lines using an old toothbrush, work it into the joints well. Leave this in place for 15 minutes before rinsing all over using a warm shower. Dry the bathroom tiles off with a leather cloth and you are good to go! No more fumie chemical cleaners. Please note that this method is not suitable for cleaning natural stone tiles or those with a platinum coating.

So, there you have it, the multi purpose cleaning product that achieves great results. What is your favourite homemade cleaning product?

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for online tile retailer TileClick.

Life is Like a Bag of Sweets with Prismatics Tiles

OK, so you may be wondering about the title of this post and how life can be like a bag of sweets when we are in fact referring to tiles for your home! Well, allow me to explain; the 100 x 100 Prismatics tiles by Johnsons Tiles brings all the shades that you can imagine and I am personally loving the pastel, sherbet colours that bring a girly slant to any kitchen, I really was like a child in a sweet shop coming up with my favourites to share, they are all as sweet as candy!

The Prismatics Range

With no more candy references let me tell you a little about the range. Johnsons Prismatics tiles are available in two different sizes, both in square format; 100 x 100 mm and 150 x 150 mm. These stunning collections feature a range of bright citrus colours, blacks, victorian shades and the aforementioned pastel variations to name just a few. It is fair to say that there really is something for everyone and with so many to choose from you might be wondering where to start. Another consideration is the finish of the tiles, some are gloss and some are satin so they are suitable for all types of walls and would make lovely tiles for your bathroom kitchen. Prices vary depending on what you choose but they are exceptional value with the 100 x 100 mm range starting at around £25 per metre pack.

My Favourites

If you are looking for a feminine touch of colour in your kitchen or bathroom then my choices should appeal to you, if you are looking for a more masculine hue then check out the rest of the Prismatics 100 x 100 mm range as I am sure you will find something that you like.

Favourite # 1 – Sun Haze

What girl doesn’t like a pretty peachy coral shade, Sun Haze is a lovely gloss finish tile that will bring a lovely pop of colour to your tiling design, it would be so cute paired with a pale pink or with cream for that peaches and cream look.

prismatics PRG50 sun haze 200x200 jpg 570x570 q85 crop upscale 300x300 300x300 Life is Like a Bag of Sweets with Prismatics Tiles

Favourite # 2 – Shell Pink

Speaking of pink, this is a stunning one that would look beautiful alongside the Sun Haze. A gorgeous pale pink tile, I see this being perfect in an en-suite bathroom to complete your feminine bedroom. Accessorise with rustic baskets, white towels and string lights for a true pretty in pink designed room.

prismatics PRG34 shell pink 200x200 jpg 570x570 q85 crop upscale 300x300 300x300 Life is Like a Bag of Sweets with Prismatics Tiles

Favourite # 3 – Peppermint Satin

For a country kitchen, Peppermint in a satin finish is just perfect, you can create a bright and striking room by tiling the area behind your work tops and sink in this pretty aqua colour. Try adding some cream, vintage style knick knacks to set the look off a treat.

prismatics PRS41 peppermint satin 200x200 jpg 570x570 q85 crop upscale 300x300 300x300 Life is Like a Bag of Sweets with Prismatics Tiles

Favourite # 4 – Willow Satin

This lovely cool bluey grey colour is one pastel that can be enjoyed by everyone for a timeless look in a kitchen or bathroom, use it with a complimenting colour or on it’s own for a striking look. The smooth satin finish in this colour reminds me of the current shabby chic trend in chalk painting, I can see it looking lovely alongside a big old freestanding roll top bathtub.

prismatics PRS73 willow satin 150x150 jpg 570x570 q85 crop upscale 300x300 300x300 Life is Like a Bag of Sweets with Prismatics Tiles

I hope that you have enjoyed sharing my favourite colours with me, if you are looking for something a little more bold then don’t forget to check out the range.

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for online tile retailer in the UK TileClick



New Bathroom Tiles Coming Soon

As the summer arrives, so do lots of new tile ranges. In our Liphook and Cardiff stores, we have some fantastic new bathroom tiles that are being put on display. The new technology with inkjet printing is bringing a real variety of print patterns and colours into bathroom wall and floor tile designs.

One of our favourites is the Concrete range from the House of British Ceramic Tile. This range has three shade’s of grey, with a really modern industrial print pattern that captures a finished concrete look that is very popular in todays apartment living. These tiles cam be laid as a mixture or graded, and also portrait or landscape – and we have even seen them mixed as they are so versatile, being able to design your ultimate look can be achieved with the concrete range.

Once you have managed to decide on your wall layout, there are then matching floor tiles in the range that you can again match, contrast or mix for that ultimate modern industrial look in your stylish new bathroom.

There are also a couple of new bathroom tiles from Laura Ashley, but we are really liking the Laura Ashley Josette range. These tiles are multi purpose, which means they are suitable for use on either the wall or the floor. As they are the same size, you can lay the tiles in uniform straight lines, and if tiling both walls and floors, you can achieve continuous grout lines between the wall tiles and floor tiles. Made from ceramic and available in four colours, including duck egg and white. Each colour is also available in a plain version and a printed feature tile. The pattern is a very ornate and stylish pattern, that repeats over two tiles, an A and a B. The B sits on a landscape pattern above the A, so you lay them horizontally A, A, A etc then row two will be B,B,B, then row three goes back to tile A,A,A this alternating style creates a stunning, flowing look.

These are two of our favourites, but we will explain more about the other new summer tiles in a future article.


How To Clean Series; Brighten Tile Grout Without Harsh Chemicals

As our lives get busier many people are looking for quick and effective ways to clean our homes without spending hours doing it. Of course we can use bleach and other harsh chemicals to help us but many people are not wanting to use potentially toxic chemicals to clean their homes so what else can we do to clean without compromising on the end result?

There may be many reasons why we might prefer to avoid chemical cleaning products, perhaps we have young children, pets or allergies to contend with; as a result we are pleased to bring you a series of great ways to clean your own home to a sparkly finish using items that you will probably find in your kitchen cupboards. Let’s get started!

Chemical Free Way To Clean Bathroom Tile Grout

The first tool for this job is a toothbrush, a manual or electric one will do the job perfectly, you can always keep an old toothbrush rather than throw it away or head to your local discount shop to collect a pack of cheap brushes.  You will also need a water sprayer filled with hot (not boiling) water, a tub of Bicarbonate of Soda (also known as Baking Soda) and a clean soft cloth.

This method of cleaning is easier working in sections, begin by wiping the first section of tiles all over with a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt. Mix the Bicarbonate of Soda with some warm water to create a soft paste and use the toothbrush to work the paste into any areas of discoloured grout.  Give the grout lines a good scrub and then spray over with the water sprayer or with the shower if it is easier. Once the section is rinsed wipe over it again with the damp cloth to remove any excess paste or grime by wiping in circular motions over the bathroom tiles to leave them gleaming before moving onto repeating the steps on the next section.

By the end of this process you should be left with nice fresh tile grout and clean tiles. For very deep staining you may need to repeat this process again to remove all traces of dirt and staining.

rElgin Cappuccino 215x300 How To Clean Series; Brighten Tile Grout Without Harsh Chemicals


Please note, this method of cleaning is not suited to bathroom tiles or decor’s that have a platinum coating, natural stone tiles or non glazed tiles. As Bicarbonate of Soda is quite an abrasive product it is important not to scrub too hard on the tiles or grout lines as this may cause the grout to breakdown, so clean it gently but use some elbow grease to help.

Here’s to lovely clean tiles and bright grout lines without the use of nasty chemicals, happy cleaning. icon smile How To Clean Series; Brighten Tile Grout Without Harsh Chemicals

This post was created by Becky Whittaker for online UK based tile retailer TileClick.


Floor Tiles for a Conservatory – Why Choose Them?

This time of year the conservatory is a wonderful place to be, lovely to bring the outdoors indoors and if you are thinking of having a new one built or renovating your existing conservatory it is a good idea to have a careful think about suitable floor coverings. Some of your decision will come down to what suits the overall look but if you are looking for something to last then look no further than the humble floor tile

OK, so you might think that we are a little biased but it goes without saying that floor tiles offer longevity and convenience in spates. If you are looking for an easy to keep clean, hardwearing solution then floor tiles might be the way to go. It is important to remember that conservatories experience severe fluctuations in temperature from very hot to very cold at different times of the year. Due to the way that they are manufactured, if installed correctly, floor tiles should remain stable and will not suffer the subsequent lifting or shrinkage that other floor types can experience.

As the conservatory will lead out into the garden it is a good idea to be aware that it is likely that whichever floor covering you choose to install will come into contact with outdoor footwear. If you make the decision to install floor tiles the best news it that the correct ones will remain scratch free and clean for years to come. If they should come into contact with muddy shoes it is easy to wipe over them and keep them nice and clean. When buying your floor tiles be sure to ask if they are suitable for high traffic footwear areas, the suitability of floor tiles is measured with a PEI rating, the higher the rating the less likely they are to scratch; so this is an important point.

When it comes to grout for your chosen floor tiles try to avoid white or light coloured grouts to avoid staining from any dirt bought in from the garden, if you are hankering after the softness of carpet you can always place a deep piled fluffy rug in the seating area for the true best of both worlds.

Floor tiles may not be the cheapest option when it comes to conservatory flooring, however, they are a great choice if you are looking for a low maintenance, stylish and longwearing solution.

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for online UK tile retailer TileClick, check out their range of floor tiles at great prices.



TileClick Sale – Our Bargain Pick Awards

That time of year is upon us again when homeowners across the country are well into home improvement mode before the summer holiday season commences. What better time for us to run a tile sale and help you to all save a few quid. We have lot’s of products in our current discount sale so I thought I would spend a little time this morning sharing with you my favourite sale bargains from three categories; ‘Best floor tile bargain’, ‘Best Bathroom Wall Tile Bargain’ and ‘Best Decorative Tile Bargain’.  I hope that this helps you to re-tile the rooms in your home for less. So, lets get started;

Best Floor Tile Bargain

And the winner is….. Willow Light Grey Floor Tiles

This was an easy one for me, these lovely satin finish floor tiles are a perfect buy for a contemporary bathroom. Bringing a mix of mid to light grey, the subtle striped pattern adds the appearance of texture whilst keeping the finish of the tiles smooth satin for ease of cleaning. These floor tiles are a good size at 248 x 331 mm, pair with a grey grout for a sleek end result.  Now for the big question, how much are these reduced to? Well, these are boxed per metre and are currently in the sale for £27.30 per pack, a great price for a modern floor tile which looks more expensive.

rWillow Grey Floor Detail 200x300 TileClick Sale   Our Bargain Pick Awards


Best Bathroom Wall Tile Bargain

And the winner is…..Bavaria Commercial Tile‘s

There are so many fantastic wall tile choice to choose from but for those on a budget this gloss, beige marble effect tile is a bargain choice. At only £6.05 per metre this tile would be fantastic for your cloakroom, en-suite or bathroom. These are frequently ordered by those working in the property rental industry. You might be wondering why they are such a reasonable price, these are quality commercial tiles and still have a good thickness of 7.5mm. The faux marble design would work well paired with a pretty strip or décor tile to make them look more luxurious. One word of warning, if you are interested in bagging these tiles for yourself, don’t delay as once they are gone they are gone!

BavariaCommercial TileClick Sale   Our Bargain Pick Awards

Best Decorative Tile Bargain

And the winner is…. Dartmoor Naturals Marble Beige Strips

Once again, so much choice in this category but I have used these stunning strips in my own bathroom and I was not disappointed. These natural stone strips are on a mesh backing, they are mix of different shades of beige pieces and as they are natural no two products are exactly the same.  As they are made of natural stone they do require sealing to protect them from moisture, this process usually darkens the colour slightly. These stunning strips are not a cheap option but thanks to the sale discounts they are down to £27.64 per pack of 6 and I think that it is well worth it. if you are looking to add the wow factor to your bathroom or en-suite then look no further.

rCAN43633 Dartmoor Naturals Marble beige strip 300x300 TileClick Sale   Our Bargain Pick Awards

If you are looking for your own tile bargain’s I hope this has been helpful to you in making your choices.

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for online tile retailer TileClick.






Our Top Three Favourite Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are a hardwearing and easy to keep clean floor cover solution, some are designed to compliment your wall tiles and others are designed to be a statement in their own right. To help you to think outside of the normal beiges, blacks and whites here I share some of our favourite three floor tile designs; let’s get started.

Flow Ceramic Floor Tile

From the Artistic range, the Flow Ceramic Floor tile is an intricately designed ceramic floor tile available in size 60 x 60 cm. In a mixture of greys these satin tiles would look effortlessly stylish in a hallway, kitchen or dining area. This floor tile is supplied in packs of three which equates to just over a metre and the cost per pack is £28.46, they are not a cheap option but in my opinion are worth it for the wow factor alone.

Flow Tile 300x300 Our Top Three Favourite Floor Tiles

Tradition Slate Brown

For those craving a rustic feel that works so very well in country cottage or barn conversion properties the Tradition Slate Brown is a stunning choice. This textured, satin finish tile is so much easier to maintain than natural stone or slate and could be used in a large kitchen diner, hallway or utility area. This product is available in 45 x 45 cm for a square finish tile or is also available in a rectangular 30 x 60 cm. The cost of the 45 x 45 floor tile is £7.13 per tile.

rscavo almond45x45 300x300 Our Top Three Favourite Floor Tiles

Forest Grigio Wood Effect Floor Tiles

Wooden floor’s are a hugely popular choice for the modern contemporary homes as much as they are also popular with older style properties, however they don’t always have the same longevity and ease of cleaning that floor tiles come with. Now, with the Forest range of wood effect floor tiles you can have the best of both worlds. These stunning porcelain tiles feature a wonderful grained effect that is very realistic and if they are fixed correctly will look good for years to come. At £42.62 for each 1.21m2 pack they are an expensive choice but so very worth it for the level of quality and detail that they provide.

r grigio20x60 300x300 Our Top Three Favourite Floor Tiles

So if you are looking for something a bit different for your floor tile choice, do any of these favourites float your boat?

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for UK online tile retailer TileClick.



Creating a Laura Ashley Bathroom

Laura Ashley is a brand that offers pretty and floral home design products that bring a luxurious, quaint English design to any home. A true household name and many aspire to including these stunning home-wares within their own home projects. Whilst the colourful, pastel floral’s are well suited to your average chocolate box cottage or country house there are other items in the range that would suit a more contemporary property with ease. If you are looking to create a Laura Ashley bathroom in your home please read on for our top tips to incorporate the brand.

Laura Ashley Wallpaper

Laura Ashley are famed for their well known and popular wallpaper products, luxurious with intricate designs Laura Ashley wallpaper is an easy way to make a big difference to your room even if a complete revamp is not on the cards. Using subtle, pastel colours and the famous duck egg blue there are many wallpapers in the range. Laura Ashley are currently running a sale promotion on many of their stunning wallpaper ranges, check it out here on their website.  When selecting the wallpaper for your bathroom think carefully about colours and try to imagine which colours would suit the wallpaper in terms of accessories such as towels, if you are a fan of bright, neon colours this would be difficult to pair alongside the soft, paler colours.

Laura Ashley Bathroom Tiles

These lovely ranges of British made tiles are a great way of updating your bathroom and bringing Laura Ashley style to your home. Whether you are looking for the striking floral of the Isadore range or the contemporary chic of Cottonwood the Laura Ashley ranges of tiles have something for everyone. Here are our top three Laura Ashley bathroom tile picks;

Isadore  – The Isadore range includes three variations from the bold but classy Isadore Floral White on black to the more subtle Isadore Floral white each bring their own special qualities. For homeowners looking for a floral finish that is not too feminine this is a lovely way of injecting this end result.

rLA50815 Isadore black on white 300x300 Creating a Laura Ashley Bathroom

Wintergarden – With their pretty crackle finished glaze and a classic floral leafy pattern this stunning range of tiles combines the soft shades of beiges and greys that would add a new dimension to modern and more traditional homes. With a total of six products within the Wintergarden range you are sure to find the perfect Laura Ashley tile for you.

rLA51027 Wintergarden Floral Grey 300x300 Creating a Laura Ashley Bathroom


Cottonwood - Although the entire range consists of white, this does not mean boring in this case. With the white textured wall tiles and the subtly patterned feature tile’s you are sure to be able to create a neutral look that will not date but still includes some of the Laura Ashley essence.

rLA51454 Cottonwood Feature Tile1 300x300 Creating a Laura Ashley Bathroom

There are other Laura Ashley tile ranges available, for prices, sizes and availability please see our website.

Laura Ashley Accessories

For those that are not looking to do a complete bathroom overhaul or for those that are wanting to do the whole room, the good news is there is a wealth of Laura Ashley accessories available. From towels to floral baskets choose from a spectrum of colours and use these shades to compliment the rest of your design. For more ideas check out the Laura Ashley blog for their great design tips.

So are you ready to bring Laura Ashley design to your bathroom?

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for online tile retailer TileClick.









Creating a Striking Bathroom Using Black and White

If you are looking for a sleek and dramatic bathroom look then have you ever thought of painting your bathroom walls black? For those hankering after their dream contemporary bathroom this might be a great idea for you. With clean and simple lines paired against a white bathroom suite the end result will be sleek, stylish and downright cool!

Would it work for my bathroom?

It would be true to say that a small, dark bathroom would not benefit from this type of look as natural light and space is all part of the effect, the last thing you want to create is a dim and soulless room that does not suit your home.

This design is best pulled off using stylish, edgy bathroom furniture to enhance the style. If you like a cluttered bathroom with lot’s of bright accessories then I would steer clear of the black and white design look in favour of a softer style such as beige or cream.

Do I have to stick to only black and white to pull this off?

In a word, no, you won’t need to stick only with black and white. Ideally this look would work really well with silvers, greys and slates so bear this in mind when buying tiles, accessories and towels but it is best to stay within this spectrum of colour going along the black to grey scale. These stunning Krona Silver mosaics would be perfect alongside the black walls.

rgoldleafsilver23 300x300 Creating a Striking Bathroom Using Black and White

What about tiling?

If you are painting the walls black you might be wondering about tiling around the bath, shower and basin. Of course you will still need tiles or a splash-back panel to waterproof your walls in areas where they could come into contact with water. Silver or grey mosaics (as above)  would create a striking look whilst bringing a more tonal design. If you are a fan of fully tiling your bathroom you could install large format, matte black tiles to the walls for a similar look which would be more hardwearing and of course waterproof. Check out the Domino range in the picture below.

dolomite detail1 e1384866275253 300x300 Creating a Striking Bathroom Using Black and White

How do I make sure it doesn’t feel too dark?

Wherever possible enhancing natural light is a must in working this look to it’s max, if you are building your dream home from scratch skylights are a wonderful way to bring extra light into a bathroom without causing any concerns with privacy. If you are renovating an existing room use sleek blinds so as not to cover too much of the window during the day and strategically placed mirrors within the room can help to bounce even more natural light around. Think carefully about the artificial light too and use surfaces that reflect the light, silver mirrored mosaic tiles is another idea that would work well for this look.

Choosing the right bathroom suite.

A Contemporary, chunky white bathroom suite would be the perfect way to enhance the look and pull off the style perfectly. A wall hung WC will help to save space and makes cleaning easier too, if you select taps that are square and bold this will look great, go for accessories that are almost ‘spacey’. Storage is a must, minimalistic gloss white units not only provide you a great hideaway for toiletries but also helps to create that sleek almost clinical look to off set the black walls.

So, what do you think, are you sold on the idea of black walls?

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for online tile retailer Tileclick.

Add Some Spring Colours To Your Bathroom or Kitchen with Colour Compendium

Spring is well and truly in the air; it is often a peak time for homeowners to start to think about doing some home design projects. If you are looking to refurbish your bathroom or kitchen why not add a true pop of spring colour, offering you a bright and fresh tile alternative to the usual whites, blacks and beiges. If you are looking to brighten up your tiling, read on for our top four colours from the Colour Compendium range from Devon based tile manufacturer; British Ceramic Tile.

All the tiles in this range are supplied in size 148 x 148 mm, these small format square tiles can be used alongside white field tiles in the same size to create a coloured checkerboard design or for a bolder look two or three different colours could be used together.

Colours in this collection include bright bold colours such as “Autumn” and “Cobalt Blue” although I personally love the pretty pastel colours in this range; I think it would bring a splash of  cute colour to any country kitchen or bathroom.

Let’s get started with our top picks…..


This lovely gloss finish lilac shade is a pretty colour, it would be lovely fixed alongside another colour such as pink or white gloss tiles. The glossy finish makes it the perfect choice for bathroom’s or kitchens. Simply pair your accessories to compliment your wall tiles. We supply these tiles at £14.56 per metre pack so they are an affordable way to add a colour pop to your home.

BCT16441 TCC Forgetmenot Field 148x148 283x300 Add Some Spring Colours To Your Bathroom or Kitchen with Colour Compendium


My personal favourite of the range (OK, I admit it I am a typical girl) Colour Compendium in Rose is a red – pinky shade that reminds me for some reason of Wham bars! For a chic female home this would work beautifully in the kitchen either alongside another colour or on it’s own. I would enhance this look with pretty floral blinds and girly pinky accessories. At £16.99 per metre pack they are slightly more expensive than Forget-Me-Knot but nevertheless great value.

BCT16380 TCC Rose Field 148x148 290x300 Add Some Spring Colours To Your Bathroom or Kitchen with Colour Compendium


For the ultimate in pastel shades this light mint green gloss tile is a lovey way to bring a splash of colour without it looking too feminine nor offensive to some tastes if you decide to sell your property. This would look very pretty in a checkerboard effect alongside gloss white tiles or for a little more intensity it could be used alone as a feature wall in a shower cubicle or alongside the bath. This colour instantly makes me think of spring or summer and will be sure to brighten up even the darkest of days once the winter returns. In terms of price is in line with other products in the range at £14.56 per metre.

BCT16625 TCC Mint Field 148x148 300x300 Add Some Spring Colours To Your Bathroom or Kitchen with Colour Compendium


Colour comes in abundance with the Colour Compendium Aubergine, the vibrant bright purple in this shade adds so much depth. This shade could be used well alongside a lilac tile and would look really well placed in an older property. This pigmented colour really does bring the wow factor. Priced at £16.99 per metre pack it is slightly more expensive than other tiles in the range but well worth it in my opinion.

rBCT16403 TCC Aubergine Field 148x148 300x300 Add Some Spring Colours To Your Bathroom or Kitchen with Colour Compendium

So, do you like the look of the Colour Compendium range? You can see more details about all of the colours in the range (there is quite a few) on our website.

This post was written by Becky Whittaker from online tile retailer in the UK TileClick.