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Creating a Striking Bathroom Using Black and White

If you are looking for a sleek and dramatic bathroom look then have you ever thought of painting your bathroom walls black? For those hankering after their dream contemporary bathroom this might be a great idea for you. With clean and simple lines paired against a white bathroom suite the end result will be sleek, stylish and downright cool!

Would it work for my bathroom?

It would be true to say that a small, dark bathroom would not benefit from this type of look as natural light and space is all part of the effect, the last thing you want to create is a dim and soulless room that does not suit your home.

This design is best pulled off using stylish, edgy bathroom furniture to enhance the style. If you like a cluttered bathroom with lot’s of bright accessories then I would steer clear of the black and white design look in favour of a softer style such as beige or cream.

Do I have to stick to only black and white to pull this off?

In a word, no, you won’t need to stick only with black and white. Ideally this look would work really well with silvers, greys and slates so bear this in mind when buying tiles, accessories and towels but it is best to stay within this spectrum of colour going along the black to grey scale. These stunning Krona Silver mosaics would be perfect alongside the black walls.

rgoldleafsilver23 300x300 Creating a Striking Bathroom Using Black and White

What about tiling?

If you are painting the walls black you might be wondering about tiling around the bath, shower and basin. Of course you will still need tiles or a splash-back panel to waterproof your walls in areas where they could come into contact with water. Silver or grey mosaics (as above)  would create a striking look whilst bringing a more tonal design. If you are a fan of fully tiling your bathroom you could install large format, matte black tiles to the walls for a similar look which would be more hardwearing and of course waterproof. Check out the Domino range in the picture below.

dolomite detail1 e1384866275253 300x300 Creating a Striking Bathroom Using Black and White

How do I make sure it doesn’t feel too dark?

Wherever possible enhancing natural light is a must in working this look to it’s max, if you are building your dream home from scratch skylights are a wonderful way to bring extra light into a bathroom without causing any concerns with privacy. If you are renovating an existing room use sleek blinds so as not to cover too much of the window during the day and strategically placed mirrors within the room can help to bounce even more natural light around. Think carefully about the artificial light too and use surfaces that reflect the light, silver mirrored mosaic tiles is another idea that would work well for this look.

Choosing the right bathroom suite.

A Contemporary, chunky white bathroom suite would be the perfect way to enhance the look and pull off the style perfectly. A wall hung WC will help to save space and makes cleaning easier too, if you select taps that are square and bold this will look great, go for accessories that are almost ‘spacey’. Storage is a must, minimalistic gloss white units not only provide you a great hideaway for toiletries but also helps to create that sleek almost clinical look to off set the black walls.

So, what do you think, are you sold on the idea of black walls?

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for online tile retailer Tileclick.

Add Some Spring Colours To Your Bathroom or Kitchen with Colour Compendium

Spring is well and truly in the air; it is often a peak time for homeowners to start to think about doing some home design projects. If you are looking to refurbish your bathroom or kitchen why not add a true pop of spring colour, offering you a bright and fresh tile alternative to the usual whites, blacks and beiges. If you are looking to brighten up your tiling, read on for our top four colours from the Colour Compendium range from Devon based tile manufacturer; British Ceramic Tile.

All the tiles in this range are supplied in size 148 x 148 mm, these small format square tiles can be used alongside white field tiles in the same size to create a coloured checkerboard design or for a bolder look two or three different colours could be used together.

Colours in this collection include bright bold colours such as “Autumn” and “Cobalt Blue” although I personally love the pretty pastel colours in this range; I think it would bring a splash of  cute colour to any country kitchen or bathroom.

Let’s get started with our top picks…..


This lovely gloss finish lilac shade is a pretty colour, it would be lovely fixed alongside another colour such as pink or white gloss tiles. The glossy finish makes it the perfect choice for bathroom’s or kitchens. Simply pair your accessories to compliment your wall tiles. We supply these tiles at £14.56 per metre pack so they are an affordable way to add a colour pop to your home.

BCT16441 TCC Forgetmenot Field 148x148 283x300 Add Some Spring Colours To Your Bathroom or Kitchen with Colour Compendium


My personal favourite of the range (OK, I admit it I am a typical girl) Colour Compendium in Rose is a red – pinky shade that reminds me for some reason of Wham bars! For a chic female home this would work beautifully in the kitchen either alongside another colour or on it’s own. I would enhance this look with pretty floral blinds and girly pinky accessories. At £16.99 per metre pack they are slightly more expensive than Forget-Me-Knot but nevertheless great value.

BCT16380 TCC Rose Field 148x148 290x300 Add Some Spring Colours To Your Bathroom or Kitchen with Colour Compendium


For the ultimate in pastel shades this light mint green gloss tile is a lovey way to bring a splash of colour without it looking too feminine nor offensive to some tastes if you decide to sell your property. This would look very pretty in a checkerboard effect alongside gloss white tiles or for a little more intensity it could be used alone as a feature wall in a shower cubicle or alongside the bath. This colour instantly makes me think of spring or summer and will be sure to brighten up even the darkest of days once the winter returns. In terms of price is in line with other products in the range at £14.56 per metre.

BCT16625 TCC Mint Field 148x148 300x300 Add Some Spring Colours To Your Bathroom or Kitchen with Colour Compendium


Colour comes in abundance with the Colour Compendium Aubergine, the vibrant bright purple in this shade adds so much depth. This shade could be used well alongside a lilac tile and would look really well placed in an older property. This pigmented colour really does bring the wow factor. Priced at £16.99 per metre pack it is slightly more expensive than other tiles in the range but well worth it in my opinion.

rBCT16403 TCC Aubergine Field 148x148 300x300 Add Some Spring Colours To Your Bathroom or Kitchen with Colour Compendium

So, do you like the look of the Colour Compendium range? You can see more details about all of the colours in the range (there is quite a few) on our website.

This post was written by Becky Whittaker from online tile retailer in the UK TileClick.

Home Style Series; Simple 60′s Vibe Ideas

We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to home design. I truly believe that our homes should reflect our own style and personality so that it is congruent with who we are, after all it is where we spend so much of our time.

If you have a style or era that you are looking to inject into your home but have no idea where to start this home style series will aim to give you some ideas to help. In the first post of the series we begin with ways to inject a 60′s vibe into your home design project.

Use Vintage Fabrics

One of the easiest ways to start incorporating the fun 60′s theme into your home is with bright vintage fabrics. Look for designs that are heavily patterned and colourful, try making them into cushion covers (against a neutral coloured sofa) and mix the patterns up. 60′s prints tend to have larger patterns, such as brightly coloured floral prints or stripes.  As well as creating cushion covers it is also fun to create vintage style window seats or perhaps revamp an existing blanket box to make a  colourful cushioned seat with authentic 60′s style. If you are looking for fabrics check out online auction sites and fabric suppliers, you can even get some bargain authentic fabrics at car boot sales and markets.

Bold Brash Wallpapers

Retro 60′s wallpaper tends to be bright and heavily pattered, think psychedelic flowery designs but look out for colours such as pea green and browns. A feature wall done in authentic 60′s wallpaper teamed with a neutral grey on surrounding walls helps to bring out the colours of all the knick-knacks that you have collected. Don’t be scared to try something bold, it is this boldness that helps to bring that 60′s look home.

Check out pin sites such as Pinterest for inspiration as there is so many different ideas to choose from. There are lot’s of online wallpaper companies that actually source genuine 60′s wallpapers to help you to create that iconic style with the history to boot.

Source Authentic Furniture

Another of the easiest ways to create a 60′s design is using original furniture, think teak and space saving skinny legged pieces. One of the most iconic pieces of furniture that was so popular in the 60′s is the low teak sideboard. This orangey toned furniture is very much a collectors piece that can be picked up at auctions and reclamation yards, it is great for storage and looks incredible teamed with other authentic pieces.

If you look in your Grandparents home you might in fact find authentic teak furniture that can be revamped to suit your needs (if your Grandparents no longer need it of course!)

Reclaimed Tiles

In reclamation yards all over the country you can find lovely 60′s tiles that have been recovered from renovation projects. You can easily incorporate these tiles into your bathroom or kitchen design by perhaps using them as inserts tiles in between gloss white tiles or maybe by creating a funky 60′s tiled splash-back behind your basin. If you would like to create a full 60′s bathroom, look out for salvaged retro bathroom suites, but it is worth being aware that this would not be everyone’s cup of tea so might not be the best idea if you are looking to sell your home in the near future.

However you decide to incorporate the swinging 60′s into your home design project, have fun and bring in as little or as much as you like using authentic pieces wherever possible, we would love to see photo’s of your project so feel free to send them in.

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for online tile retailer TileClick.




DIY Trouble Shooting Series; What To Do If You Crack A Tile

If installed well, tiles will give you years and years of trouble free use, however, accidents can happen and there may come a time when one of your bathroom or kitchen tiles gets cracked or stained. If you are into DIY you might be wondering if it is possible to remove and replace the affected tile or will you need to swallow a big bill and retile the whole room? Here we share some tips to help.

rWintergarden Strip detail 300x195 DIY Trouble Shooting Series; What To Do If You Crack A Tile

Replacement Tiles

If your tiles have been fixed on the wall for a while you will probably find it difficult to locate a replacement tile that matches in terms of colour. Tiles are manufactured using natural materials and as a result of this each production run produces tiles that can be slightly different in shade. If you kept any spares when you purchased your tiles then this will save you lot’s of time and expense in the long run (we recommend that you buy a minimum of 10% more tiles than you need for your job to help safeguard you from this problem in the future).

If you did not have any spares you could send a photo of the tile you are trying to locate to the manufacturer and see if they can help you to locate an appropriate tile, other avenues to explore is to see if anyone online is selling older or discontinued tiles.


A competent DIY’er can remove an affected tile even if it is in the middle of a wall. Carefully use a grout tool to cut around the grout being careful  not to disturb the tiles either side. When using sharp tools try not to damage any waterproofing membrane or plaster behind the tiles. Once you have removed the grout use a power drill to make a number of holes in the affected tile, be sure not to drill too deep, into the wall behind.

After drilling the holes, you should then be able to chip away at it and break it up. Depending on how well the tiles were installed and how careful you are in removing the tile you should be able to do this with minimum impact to the surrounding area.

Check for damage

Once the tile is removed be sure to check that the wall or waterproofing was not damaged during the removal. If the wall is looking alright behind carefully remove the hardened tile adhesive to reveal an even clean substrate to install your new tile onto.

Replacement and finish

Using a suitable tile adhesive apply a thin layer to the wall using a trowel or small putty knife depending on the size of the area. Push the replacement tile in ensuring that it is level and straight in comparison to the surrounding tiles, work quickly before the adhesive cures.

Now leave the adhesive to set, if you can leave it for a minimum of 24 hours to allow any moisture to escape through the joints but at the very least it must be left for the length of time stated on the packaging. After the correct time has elapsed simply grout the new tile using a suitable grout product, be sure to quickly clean off any excess grout from the face of the new tile and surrounding area.

If you a competent DIY enthusiast the above detail should help you to save lot’s of expense and upheaval, always follow the instructions on the packaging for the adhesive and grout. If you are not confident in your abilities why not give a local tiler a call and ask them to come and quote for undertaking the repairs.

Good luck!

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for UK based online tile retailer TileClick.


The Anatomy Of a Tile and What’s Important To Know

Tiles are designed to be hardwearing and reliable elements of your home, they can be installed in a variety of settings from wet areas, kitchens, the living area and even the garden! In order to get the very best of them it is useful to know a little about how they are made up as this detail will become very apparent when it is time to fix your new tiles. By understanding tiles, crucially in terms of their water resistant qualities you will be helped to avoid potentially disastrous fixing errors that can lead to tile staining, changes in shade and even damp penetrating into your walls. If you are due to install some tiles soon or are hiring a professional tile fixer here are some of the most common pitfalls to avoid.

Tile Anatomy

Before we look at the fixing pitfalls let me tell you a little about how tiles are made up. The base of the wall tile (often referred to as biscuit) is a porous composition manufactured from components including ball clay, limestone, pitcher and water, this is fired at high temperatures. The tile base alone is not impervious to water, it is the glaze which goes over the biscuit that is what makes the tiles water resistant. In many tiles the glaze is only found on the tile face and a little down the edges. In the case of natural stone products these are just that; natural, they are a different make up than manufactured ceramic tiles and as such need to be treated differently.

Fixing Pitfall # 1 – Let new plaster dry before fixing

Now we know more about the tiles and how they are made up it is now more apparent that the base of the tile needs to be protected from water but also from moisture generally.

When renovating a room there is often a need for the walls to be re-plastered (using wet plaster) prior to fixing tiles, a common mistake made is that those fixing the tiles fail to leave the plaster to dry for the recommended time. Plaster can be touch dry quite early on, however there is usually a large amount of moisture still remaining for some time, some plasters require a minimum of 6 weeks to be fully dry. If you fix your wall tiles too soon the moisture in the plaster can become trapped, this can then travel through the porous part of the tile and show through, causing staining or a change in the shade of your tiles.

Fixing Pitfall # 2 – Not allowing adhesive to “go off” before grouting

Just like plaster, tile adhesive also contains lot’s of moisture, this must be allowed to escape into the air before being sealed in with grout. It might be tempting (especially is you are tiling a small area) to fix the tiles with the adhesive and then go straight back to grout; however, it is important to leave it for at least 24 hours prior to applying the grout (although there are some adhesives that say you can grout sooner so check the packaging carefully). By leaving it for that extra time you will help to safeguard your tiles from the potential to darken or change colour as the moisture is absorbed by the back’s of the tiles.

Fixing Pitfall # 3 – Not fully grouting

As described above the edges of some tiles are not glazed and therefore water can be absorbed. With this in mind, when you are fixing bathroom tiles in an area that is likely to get wet, such as your bath or shower it is essential that the grout fills the joints completely so that it is level to the surface of the tiles, if the grout has gaps or is washed out too much some of the porous sides can be exposed to moisture from the shower. Whilst not all tiles suffer from this problem, neat uniform grout will give the end result a polished look.

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for online tile retailer TileClick.



5 Quick Tips to Revamp your Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the hub of the home, that lovely warming place to share some time with the family whilst preparing some home cooked food. However, in reality many homeowners are less than happy with their kitchen, maybe the fixtures have become dated or there is not enough space for their growing needs. If you are thinking of refurbishment for your own kitchen take a look at the ways below to help you to avoid the expense and upheaval of fully replacing your it; let’s get started.

#1 – De-clutter your kitchen

If cupboard or worktop space is at a premium in your kitchen you can maximise what space you do have with a simple de-clutter. Clear out anything that you have not used in the last year, this is especially true of kitchen gadgets, saucepans that you already have in the same size, endless numbers of glasses and that chocolate fountain that you just know you will never use again! By removing all of these items your kitchen worktops and inside of your cupboards will be so much more organised, you might be surprised at how much space you actually do have!

#2 – Change your cupboard doors

If the layout of your kitchen works for you and the carcasses of your kitchen units are in sound condition you can completely change the look of the room for a fraction of the price compared to a full replacement. Many retailers now sell just the doors for kitchen cupboards in varying sizes and the end result can be astonishing. Choose doors to match the style and design of your home, they are fairly easy to install but just be sure that you are buying the correct sizes. If you are struggling to find cupboard doors in the correct size it is worth doing an internet search for companies that can refurbish your existing doors.

#3 – Worktop covers

Why replace your worktops when there are worktop companies that can give your kitchen a brand new look by covering your worktops. This option has much less upheaval and can be completed within a day, you can choose from a range of colours and designs but you will still be left with a good quality finish.

#4 – Change your flooring

Being in a kitchen your flooring has to put up with a lot, from greasy food being dropped to dirty pet paws it has to contend with so much. You can give the room a fresh and more hygienic feel with some new flooring. You could consider some slip resistant laminate flooring, some vinyl or some good quality floor tiles. Tiled flooring offers great longevity, is very easy to keep clean and looks great in a kitchen setting.

#5 – Accessorise

If time or money is tight there is so much that can be done in terms of bringing some new colour to your kitchen. From pretty utensils, biscuit tins and tea / coffee canisters through to new pastel coloured kettles and toasters. Choose a couple of colours to compliment each other and stick to them, this will bring in an accent colour which will make your kitchen feel well co-ordinated and sleek.

If you are wondering what to do with your kitchen I hope this has been helpful in giving you some quick, fresh ideas.

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for UK online tile retailer TileClick.



4 Easy Ways To Give Your Bathroom Some TLC

Your bathroom is such an important part of your home, we use our bathrooms for relaxation, a shower in a hurry or for giving ourselves a makeover; we pamper ourselves so frequently but how often do we take the time to properly clean and pamper the bathroom? Here we share some easy ways to make a real difference to your pamper palace.

Buy a new toilet seat

If you have white sanitary ware in your bathroom there is so much that can be done to freshen and update it to look as good as new without the need to rip it out and start again. A new toilet seat can work wonders in giving the bathroom a fresh and hygienic feel, especially if you have an outdated wooden seat on your loo. There are a wide range of new toilet seats available on the market, I especially love a good quality, white, soft close loo seat (no more slammed toilet seats in the middle of the night). If you would like to change yours there are lot’s of universal toilet seats available but if you are looking for a perfect fit you could spend a little more and contact the manufacturer of your particular bathroom suite and purchase a replacement seat that way.

Change your taps

If your taps have seen better days you really can make a massive difference to your bathroom by changing them for some new ones. If you have gold taps you could consider purchasing some chunky, chrome taps for that contemporary look, they look great against a white bathroom suite. If you do decide to swap gold for chrome it is worth taking a look around the bathroom to see what else is gold, especially the bath handles or toilet flush, they can all be changed but there may be some expense in doing this (for example removing the bath handles might involve needing to remove the bath!) so it is best to consult a professional and take their advice accordingly.

Revamp with soft furnishings

A pretty new blind or some new coloured towels can make a world of difference without it costing too much, bring in some new colours to give the room a new look. Look out for pretty floral prints or bold candy stripes to bring in more shades, you can then add other accessories such as coloured soap dispensers to compliment your newly designed room.

Deep clean

This is my most important tip in maintaining a stunning bathroom, once a month make a note in your diary to go above and beyond your normal cleaning regime; go for a deep clean. Begin by getting your hoover nozzle into every nook and cranny to suck up dust from areas such as skirting boards, corners and behind your bathroom suite. Whilst you have the hoover out give your extractor fan a good clean, you would be surprised how much dirt can harbour there and by cleaning it out you can extend the life of the fan.

Next, use a good bathroom cleaner and scrub your sanitary ware, an old toothbrush is useful for cleaning around the taps. Another area to clean thoroughly is your shower area, de-scale your shower head to make it more hygienic and efficient. Use a vinegar and water solution to clean off your glass shower screen to remove lime scale and soap scum.

Lastly clean your bathroom tiles and grout with a mild bleach and water solution ( although if you have natural stone or platinum coated tiles take cleaning advice from your tile supplier) to leave the whole area gleaming.

I hope that these tips have been useful in helping you know where to start with updating your bathroom and giving it a well deserved bit of TLC, what are your top tips for making simple changes to your home?

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for online tile retailer TileClick.



Helena Tiles

Bathroom Tile Longevity – How Long Do They Last?

As far as home decor is concerned tiles are one of the most hardy fittings and fixtures available. Fired at high temperatures these decorative pieces not only look great but really are made to last for a decent stretch in your home. If you are looking to invest in some new bathroom tiles or other tiles for your home improvement project you may be wondering if they are worth splashing out on; this post aims to give you some useful information to help you make the right decision on what to buy and how to get the best out of your tiles.

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New Domino Range

Well its been a few months since our last post and we are just bringing in a lot of new product lines into stock and changing most of our in store displays for newer products.

One range that has landed and hit the floor running is our domino range.

dolomite detail1 e1384866275253 300x300 New Domino Range

The range consists of four colours, Ivory, Grey, Black and Brown. We have the wall tiles in stock and are due the floor tiles in the next couple of week. The wall tiles are in a 20cm x 50cm size format which is a fairly new size, however, it is becoming more popular as time goes on.

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Renovating An Investment Property? Use Cheap Bathroom Tiles

Investing in property for rental or development can be a great way of bringing in some income, in the current market more and more people are investing in this way. Once you have acquired your new investment the chances are whether you are looking to rent your property out or develop it for re-sale there will be some work to be done to bring it up to standard, as a business transaction you will probably be looking to save as much hard earned cash as possible.
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